Saddleback ranked first among all California community colleges

Saddleback ranked first among all California community colleges

Saddleback College has always been proud of its athletic heritage, boasting of three national championships, 25 state championships, and 163 conference championships - including a streak of at least one conference championship each year during the 47 years the college has been in existence.  We have also put a heavy emphasis on academics, stressing the importance of a good college education.  That emphasis is starting to pay off.

Saddleback College was ranked first among California's 112 community colleges in an article recently released by, which praised Saddleback's high graduation rates, affordability, and student distance education participation. Ranked second and third were Santa Monica College and Cypress College, respectively.

The report covers California's community colleges specifically because of their importance not just to the state, but to the nation as a whole: One in every five community college students in the United States is enrolled in a California community college.  As such, the economic success of the state and nation relies heavily on the success of California's community college students.

Dr. Tod A. Burnett, president of Saddleback College, stated, "It is an honor to be ranked first in a system of wonderful colleges that all provide outstanding programs and services to students.  Here at Saddleback, we have worked over the past several years to increase completion rates and provide flexible programming, such as online classes, to the multitude of students who require options beyond the traditional day-time schedule.  It is a real pleasure to see our efforts pay off and get this kind of recognition from", a resource for career-minded students, features information about growing careers and different educational programs — both online and on-campus.  The site helps job-seekers and students alike identify potential pathways to success.

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